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Behind the Scenes – Pilot Your Own Adventure Contest Trial Run

Practice makes perfect, as they say, so in order to perfect our Oshkosh campground setup for our Pilot Your Own Adventure Contest, we made a trial run. This year, a lucky winner will be provided the use of our unique teardrop camper on a premier…

Behind the Scenes of Our Seaplane Duffel Photo Shoot

Docking a seaplane in the Ohio River with 25 knot winds isn’t an easy task. But the Flight Outfitters crew was on a mission to get some shots of our new Seaplane Duffels. Thankfully these rugged bags were made for trips like this. Wind and…

PYOA Adventure Series – Yurt Camping in Big Bend

Big Bend is one of the largest, most remote, and as an added bonus one of the least-visited national parks in the contiguous United States. While it lacks five star restaurants and hotels in its surrounding areas, it more than makes up for it in natural splendor.

Canada’s Berg Lake – Helidrop into an Adventure

While sleeping in the wild alongside grizzly bears may appeal to some, to me there had to be a  more appealing option. The target was the phenomenal Berg Lake in Canada’s remote Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Angle of Attack Visits Flight Outfitters

Chris Palmer, Flight Outfitters Navigator and Founder of Angle of Attack, visited the Flight Outfitters headquarters in fall 2019. This is the first in a five-part video series detailing his trip and all the cool aviation things we got up…

My Aviation Story – Sylvie Bouffard

            Getting into aviation is never an easy process, but as a nineteen-year-old girl who definitely looks fifteen, I always had to go the extra mile to prove myself. Here is the story of how I finally got to my commercial…

Meet Deon Mitton – Pilot, Photographer, Professional Weekender

Once I became a pilot After I earned degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, I spent many years working and saving to obtain my Private Pilot license in 1993. The fascination with aviation and photography came…
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Fly-in Fishing with a Golden Retriever

Check out Flight Outfitters Navigator Andrew's latest trip with his dog Maverick as they go on a fly-in fishing adventure at the Setting North Outpost Camp in Northern Ontario. Plenty of Pike and Lake Trout in this deep, no…

Fall Floatplane Camping in Ontario

There’s something special about fall camping that I can’t quite explain. There’s about a two-week window where the Canadian wilderness just lights up, and the sheer beauty of it is breathtaking. The destination of this…

Flying the Alaskan Bush

Long before television channels were full of Alaska-this and Alaska-that reality TV shows, my grandparents took a trip there with the Cincinnati Zoo. When they returned, there was the usual childhood excitement of “what gift did…
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