Top 10 Reindeer Requested Gifts

Find yourself asking, “Oh deer, what do I get them this holiday?”  We’ve compiled our reindeer PIREPS to give you the Reindeer most requested gifts for the Holiday 2023 season.  Perhaps, these deer’s wants will satisfy one of your dears wants this holiday season. 🙂

Dasher – Bush Pilot Rucksack
Dasher is always dashing around from one place to the next, so he appreciates having all of his everyday items in this spacious, yet stylish, Flight Outfitters Rucksack. This style of backpack combines pilot friendly features with an outback look.  External pockets keep frequently used items close at hand while a massive interior has plenty of room for larger gear.


Dancer – Deluxe iPad Flight Desk
Dancer loves the Deluxe iPad Kneeboard and keeps his iPad from “dancing around” on his knee when they inevitably encounter turbulence over the Atlantic. The iPad Flight Desk is designed with built-in flexibility for different missions.  This innovative design incorporates a universal kneeboard and custom organizer case.

Prancer – New Hooded Sweatshirts
Prancer is famous for always having the latest outdoor adventure apparel. The Flight Outfitters hooded sweatshirt is his go-to because they are designed to be warm, light weight and super soft. This hoodie is sure to keep you looking good on the ground or in the air.

Vixen – Bush Pilot Duffel Bag
Planning for a trip around the world can be tricky, even if you’re only gone for one night a year.  Vixen loves the Bush Pilot Duffel Bag because it’s spacious enough to take extra outerwear.  This duffel is durable enough to be strapped directly onto the sled.

bush pilot duffel

Comet – Lift Flight Bag
The Lift has long been the shooting star product of the Flight Outfitters line up of flight bags. The Lift is our most popular product. This sturdy bag has room for all of the essentials, but won’t get in your way. It includes a large head set pocket, iPad pocket, and multiple organizer sections.

Lift Flight Bag

Cupid – Airfoil Jacket
Comet is a lover and gift giving is his love language. The Airfoil Jacket is his go-to item this Christmas season.  He is especially excited about the new Airfoil Vest. The Flight Outfitters’ Airfoil line of jackets keeps you warm without the bulk. Engineered for comfort in cooler conditions, it’s the perfect adventure layer you’ve been searching for.

Airfoil Jacket giveaway

Donner – Lift XL Pro
One of the louder deer of the bunch, Donner appreciates the Lift XL Pro Flight Bag for it’s unique ability to carry two headsets, one for him and a back up for any deer next to him if he’s being too loud. He also appreciates the professional look this bag gives him in the stable. The Lift XL Pro is ideal for pro pilots who prefer an understated all black look.

Blitzen – Bush Pilot Flashlight
Blitzen, known for being fast and having an electrifying personality, perhaps that’s why his go-to product is the Bush Pilot Flashlight.  Not only can it light up a room in white or red, it also can charge your devices serving as a back up battery for your iPhone or iPad. Constructed with aircraft grade aluminum, the Bush Pilot Flashlight is water resistant and tough enough to survive even the Bush Pilot life.


Rudolph – Pilot Headlamp
This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, as you know us aviators love redundancies and the solid red light of the Flight Outfitters Pilot Headlamp is the perfect back up to Rudolph’s glowing nose. This dual colored headlamp puts the right type of light right where you need it without tying up your hands.

Pilot's Headlamp

Santa Claus – Bush Pilot Jacket
Sure the red coat looks good in mall photos, but what is really keeping Santa warm is the Bush Pilot Jacket he is wearing underneath for those cold, winter nights. After all of the extra cookies, Santa appreciates the comfort of the side gusseting this jacket provides while sitting in the cockpit of the sleigh. The Bush Pilot Jacket is comfortable on the inside and tough on the outside with a quilted lined body and sherpa accents.

Bush Pilot Flight Jacket

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