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Ever since Doug Masters, from the 1986 classic movie Iron Eagle, used his tape deck kneeboard to create his own soundtrack and listen to Chappy’s instructions on what to do next, Mark Glassmeyer, Flight Outfitters’ President, has been enamored by kneeboard innovation. By actively listening to our customers, Flight Outfitters has recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach falls short. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to create kneeboard options that surpass mere landscape or portrait viewing areas.

To begin with, we offer three distinct styles of kneeboards: the Chart Kneeboard, the iDeck Kneeboard, and the Deluxe iPad Flight Desk. The Chart Kneeboard embodies the classic paper chart kneeboard with added accessory storage features. On the other hand, the iDeck Kneeboard, available in small and large sizes, provides unparalleled flexibility in setup relative to its size. It’s slimline yet accommodates iPhone, full-size tablets, or both simultaneously.

For those seeking a premium solution, our Deluxe iPad Flight Desk shines. It can transform from a full flight desk with paper and two devices to a streamlined Velcro kneeboard with a single device. Our blog elaborates on each product, helping you in selecting the ideal Flight Outfitters kneeboard that best caters to your piloting needs.

Chart Kneeboard

Sometimes all you need is a simple kneeboard for storing and organizing your must-have gear, without weighing down your leg. The Flight Outfitters Chart Kneeboard provides a secure mounting surface without all the bulk of traditional kneeboards. Thick leg strap feeds through a metal buckle to firmly attach the kneeboard to your leg—it will stay in place no matter how rough that dirt strip landing is. Reversible design can be used on your left or right leg, and is small enough to work in airplanes with a center stick.

chart kneeboard explosive view


  • Removable, reversible clipboard
  • Four open-ended loops for pens, clip-on lights, and accessories
  • Two mesh pockets for notes or cleaning cloths
  • One long pocket is the perfect size for a phone
  • Metal buckle is attached with elastic to provide a comfortable fit

Kneeboard measures 8” tall x 14” wide when flat yet folds down to only 5” wide, making it easy to stow.



iDeck Kneeboard

Flight Outfitters consistently leverages customer PIREPs to enhance our products, ensuring they deliver optimal performance for pilots. The iDeck Kneeboard is a prime example of ongoing product enhancements. Representing our 5th generation kneeboard design, the new and improved iDeck Kneeboard combines everything customers appreciated about previous generations with enhancements that customers specifically requested.

The new iDeck Kneeboard incorporates the same silicone holders found in our highly popular Deluxe Kneeboard, and both sizes the large and small iDeck Kneeboards come equipped with two silicone holders attached with Velcro. These iPad holders enable you to customize the layout of your kneeboard deck. The large iDeck Kneeboard includes a spacious silicone holder and a smaller one for an iPhone, while the small iDeck Kneeboard features an iPad mini holder and a cell phone holder. This configuration allows pilots to arrange both an iPhone and iPad on the main deck of the kneeboard, providing unparalleled flexibility and versatility. Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional kneeboard layout with only the iPad on the deck, the iDeck Kneeboard also integrates the popular side EVA case from our Centerline Kneeboard. This fold-down EVA case serves as an additional writing surface or storage/display area on the kneeboard.

Among the other enhancements you’ll notice is a more adaptable strap designed to accommodate various leg sizes comfortably and securely. The iDeck Kneeboard also boasts a rotating deck that allows for both portrait and landscape viewing options. The user-friendly rotating mechanism enables seamless switching between these two viewing modes using just one finger.


  • Fold-down side platform
  • Center rotating point
  • Extra thick elastic strap
  • Non-slip underside
  • Silicone iPad holder
  • Padded back
  • Pen/stylus pocket
  • Mesh pocket

The Flight Outfitters iDeck Kneeboard is offered in two sizes – Small and Large. The Small will accommodate all versions of the iPad Mini. The Large will accommodate iPad 5-9, iPad Air 1-4, and iPad Pro 9.7”-11″.

KB5 iDeck Kneeboard

Deluxe iPad Flight Desk

We are honored to announce that our Deluxe iPad Kneeboard won the 2022 FLYING Magazine “Best New Flight Gear Product Award.” 

The iPad has revolutionized the way pilots fly. With comprehensive navigation apps providing amazing levels of situational awareness, iPads are essential equipment. But a tablet is only useful if it’s accessible in flight, so keeping the iPad securely mounted in a convenient location is critical for making flying safer.


The Flight Outfitters Deluxe iPad Flight Desk is perfect for this job, with built-in flexibility for different missions. The innovative design incorporates a universal kneeboard design and a custom organizer case. Kneeboard can be used independently, or nested inside the case to make the ultimate lap desk.

iPad Kneeboard

A rigid mounting board is attached to thick, elastic straps to provide a secure surface for an iPad or phone. Three sizes of silicon holders (included) provide the perfect size for full size iPads (9-11”), iPad Mini, and most phones. The holders affix to the kneeboard via velcro. This provides the ability to completely customize the kneeboard to your needs. Attach your iPad in portrait or landscape mode and use the attached bracket to elevate your device to remove glare. Mounting your iPad in landscape mode leaves enough extra space to mount your phone above it.

Custom Organizer Case

Keep all your cables and iPad accessories organized with the included case. Three small pockets with elastic straps keep charging cables organized, and the internal pocket is perfect for a backup iPad battery pack. Two loops can hold a stylus and pen, and an included clipboard can be used on the inside or outside of the case. The custom case is specially designed to hold the versatile Flight Outfitters iPad Kneeboard. Straps from the kneeboard can be fed through the case, making the perfect flight desk.


  • iPad kneeboard fits all popular phone and tablet models, with or without case
  • Quickly switch from portrait to landscape mode
  • Kneeboard bracket allows iPad to be tilted in flight, reducing glare
  • Use the kneeboard by itself or attach to organizer case for a complete lap desk
  • Optional clipboard is perfect for copying clearances or securing checklists
  • Three pockets keep your cables, cleaning cloths, and other small items organized
  • Large pocket can accommodate an iPad battery pack
  • Complete kit zips closed for easy transport—use it as a minimalist flight bag

The rear of the case features two pads to help stabilize the flight desk on your leg. Top carry handle makes it easy to grab and go for a quick flight around the patch. It’s like a mini flight bag and kneeboard in one. Measures 11” x 9” x 2”.

You can find all of three kneeboard options online at www.flightoutfitters.com and through authorized dealers.

Still have questions? Contact our sales department at 513-688-7300 or email us at sales@flightoutfitters.com and someone will be happy to assist you!

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