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Flight Outfitters is proud to announce their partnership with Fat Tire Cowboys. From FO flight bags and apparel to FTC caps, t-shirts, knives and cleaner, you can now find it all here EXCLUSIVELY at FlightOutfitters.com. Learn more about the Fat Tire Cowboys crew and how they began below!

Fat Tire Cowboys crew


The Fat Tire Cowboys is an Aviation Adventure Brand, steeped in cowboy lore. Each member has a deep connection to Aviation, Texas, and its Farming/Ranching Operations. FTC is focused on spreading a passion for aviation, the love of God, and a life lived well. Hello, I’m LaRosa and I’m the creator of The Fat Tire Cowboys. The origins of Fat Tire Cowboys were very organic. The core group consisted of lifetime Texans who all had a background in agriculture or ranching and were all born and raised on the Llano Estacado. In fact, the main characters’ nicknames were in place well before FTC came about. The Mayor (Chad Bartee) and I had been friends for many years. He started this adventure by being the first person I knew to buy a bush plane. One day he showed up with a 2003 American Champion Scout sitting on 29” Alaskan Bush Wheels. It was super cool! I had to have one!

I spent the better part of a year looking for the perfect plane. I purchased a 1998 American Champion Scout and immediately set out to replace her stock 8” tires with the large tundra tires. I called The Mayor, “Hey, what size tires do you have?”. “I’m not sure, but they’re the biggest they make!”, says The Mayor! So I called Alaskan Bush Wheel and said, “Send me the biggest tires you make!” Unbeknown to us, the company had recently added 31” tires to their inventory. And there you have it; I had bigger tires than the Mayor himself! The jokes never stopped after that! The Mayor and I took off for adventure in Canyon Lands National Park.  I decided to mount a camera on the plane.  I gathered that footage made a movie, and put it on this relatively new platform called YouTube.  That video got a lot of views worldwide, and I really enjoyed making the movie and watching people’s reactions to it. From there, I decided to give this endeavor a name and a look.  I drew a logo and came up with the name “West Texas Fat Tire Cowboys.”  However, since our reach was global, I dropped the “West Texas.” Views, reactions, and followers continued to grow modestly. Then I made a t-shirt and everyone wanted one! It was then that I realized I had better copyright that logo!!

Learn more about Fat Tire Cowboys and check out their YouTube videos here.

Shop Fat Tire Cowboys apparel and gear here.

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