June Pilot Spotlight: Brian Jenkins


This month Flight Outfitters is highlighting Brian Jenkins as our Pilot of the Month. Brian knew he wanted to be a pilot from a very young age. His passion for flying grew throughout high school when he began flight training. Brian instructed to build time, has flown business jets in the corporate/charter industry and now flies for a major airline. After 10+ years of not flying for fun, he became infatuated with off-airport and backcountry aviation thanks to a few popular YouTube channels. He bought his first plane seven years ago, a Kitfox, and hasn’t looked back. His current plane, which is a 1956 Cessna 172 taildragger with many modifications, meets his mission of travel and fun flying. He and his family enjoy many nights camping and exploring airstrips/gravel bars that wouldn’t be accessible without his 172.  Brian loves sharing his aviation adventures through his social media pages. Check out @brush_pilots to see his amazing content!

Batesville, IN

Home airport:

Ratings/ endorsements:
ATP A320, LR45, Piaggio Avanti, Commercial ASEL, CFII, Tailwheel

Dream aircraft:
P51 Mustang & F4U Corsair

Fun fact:
I have been flying for over twenty years.  I started taking lessons at fifteen and PPL at seventeen.  Began off airport flying about seven years ago when I bought my first plane.

What is the FO product you can’t go without?
Bush pilot flight bags and the new backcountry hats.

What is your most memorable flight?
So far my most memorable flight has been flying out West from Indiana to S. Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho with my family in our Cessna.  We spent two weeks flying, exploring and camping in the mountains.

What does “Pilot Your Own Adventure” mean to you?
To me the saying “Pilot Your Own Adventure” means, use your privilege as a pilot to go out and explore the opportunities that are available to us.  We have a freedom that allows us to access places that most people could never see or do.  A great example is some of the remote airstrips in Idaho/Montana backcountry or even a small gravel bar along a river that I routinely camp on.


Brian Jenkins - June Spotlight Pilot

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