February Pilot Spotlight: Jan Greenberg

This month Flight Outfitters is highlighting Jan Greenberg as our pilot of the month. “I was living in New Orleans and heard a radio ad offering an introductory flight. The ad said if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have to pay for it. I thought, Why not? An instructor took me up in a Cessna 152 for a 30-minute flight. They had to pry my happy butt out of the plane. I started lessons the next day and I’ve been flying for over 40 years!”

Jan is a retired Project Manager but feels if he spends part of his day talking about or being around airplanes, it’s a good day. Originally from the East Coast, Jan is a commercial pilot with an instrument rating and now loves flying in the Las Vegas area. 


Jan is a special pilot to Flight Outfitters because Jan is also Flight Outfitters’ first customer! Jan met Mark Glassmeyer in 2015 at Mark’s first Oshkosh as an exhibitor. The only thing Mark had that year was 1 booth, 2 chairs and a retail display rack showing a few bags. With no real inventory to sell, Jan was savvy enough to convince Mark to sell one of his show samples. Jan  bought a Sling Pack as a way to display his fledgling pin collection and to carry his gear during flights. Jan still has this bag, and reports it in great shape and now displays his somewhat larger pin collection! Jan says that half of his flying gear and apparel are from Flight Outfitters, “That’s because I’m kinda fond of Mark and our friendship but also because Flight Outfitters quality is outstanding.” We appreciate Jan for all he’s done in his piloting career, and for his friendship over the years. From that first Osh when Jan convinced us to sell him a sample,  to Oshkosh 2023 when Jan was still by our side giving away prizes. We will always be grateful to Jan for believing in our mission and our products. 


Bronx, New York

Home airport:

BVU- Boulder City Nevada Airport

Ratings/ endorsements:
Commercial Pilot with Instrument Rating, tailwheel and High Performance

Dream aircraft:

Cessna 152 – that is the first plane that I ever flew and what I trained in when going for my private license 

Fun fact:

I once flew 4 different aircraft on the same day.

What is the FO product you can’t go without?
Sling Bag it’s very important to me because it houses my entire fledging pin collection and they mean a great deal to me. It is important for me to have them on display as I travel and the Sling Bag is  perfect for displaying my collection and carrying my gear.

What is your most memorable flight?

Do I have to pick just one? Well I can’t!

So one was flying to Oshkosh for the first time! The year I did it I departed from New Jersey and it was such an amazing experience! I loved being guided into land and the entire experience. I even landed on the orange dot and orange is my favorite color!!

The other most memorable flight I have is the time I flew with my grandfather and father in the plane with me at the same time. That was a really special flight for many reasons, and I’m proud of it. 

What does “Pilot Your Own Adventure” mean to you?

It’s right to the point, it IS up to each pilot to determine your own adventure and pilot that adventure. For some it is going off to accomplish certain goals, I know  for me it was having my father and grandfather in the plane with me at the same time. I got to truly be the pilot of our adventure and that’s what it’s all about.  I think Pilot Your Own Adventure is exactly what it says, you get to choose how you pilot every adventure in your life so don’t hold back!


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