Flight Outfitters becomes the official apparel partner of Angle of Attack

Flight Outfitters is proud to announce a partnership with Angle of Attack. From flight bags to officially licensed apparel, you can now find it all  here at FlightOutfitters.com. Learn more about Chris Palmer and Angle of Attack. 

Chris Palmer is the founder of Angle of Attack and has been in aviation training and creating educational content since 2006. As a career CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) and Master Aviation Educator, Chris trains dozens of pilots year-round at his Alaska based flight school, Angle of Attack HQ. 


Chris is one of Youtube’s leading Aviation Training Content Creators with over 124K subscribers, as well as being popular on other platforms. With a focus on developing and sharing new flight training methods, techniques, and tips.

Chris founded Angle of Attack to offer a new, fresh and modern spin on aviation training. AOA does this by keeping the building on the wonderful knowledge passed down through the generations, married with new and modern media.  All this with the backdrop of Alaska.

Flight Outfitters and Angle of Attack have a long-standing business relationship, dating back to our founding at Flight Outfitters. Angle of Attack and their mission embodies much of what we do here, and Flight Outfitters gear fits perfectly into the Alaska aviation scene.

Keep an eye out for more to come from the Angle of Attack and Flight Outfitters merch and apparel partnership, as we offer exclusive designs and styles.

Learn more about learning to fly with Angle of Attack here

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