B24 Bomber Ride


Four months prior to the passing of his grandmother, Flight Outfitters founder Mark Glassmeyer booked a flight with his mother in one of the last (if not the last) flying B-24s in the USA. Call it divine intervention, luck, faith, or whatever you want—the flight ended up being the same week his Grandma passed away. The funeral was on Tuesday and the flight was on Friday. The same model airplane that kept Mark’s grandfather alive in World War II provided comfort to Mark and his mom that day.

“I know my father and mother were with us on that flight,” said Mark’s mom, Jennifer.

“I tried to imagine myself as a late teen/early 20’s young man in that can for hours and hours…full of excitement, fear, and patriotism. It was a very moving experience; it was Grandma and Grandpa telling us they’re OK and we will be OK,” said Mark.

It was quite a thrill to be in this B-24 Bomber. Contracted to be built for France in 1940 and later contracted to be diverted to Great Britain as AM927, this Liberator was the 25th built out of a total of 18,482 B-24s. The total number built is documented as 19,267 with the inclusion of all variants. This aircraft’s construction was completed as serial number 18 and accepted by the British Air Ministry in May 1941.

This B-24 Bomber’s base is B-29/B-24 Squadron, Fort Worth, TX. To learn more about the opportunity to fly in an old WWII plane visit http://www.airpowersquadron.org.


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