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2022 Recap – best videos, stories, and new gear!


2022 was an amazing year here at Flight Outfitters. We wanted to share some of our favorite videos, stories, and new gear from this past year.

Top 3 Videos

#1: Solo at 16

For as long as I can remember, I could not wait to become a pilot. I was so impatient to fly that I wanted to be ready to solo on my 16th birthday, the very first day I could legally fly an airplane by myself. This is the story of how I made that dream come true, and the people who helped and inspired me along the way.

Read the full story here:


#2: Our Adventure to the High Sierra Fly-In

In part one of this video series, two members of the Flight Outfitters team set off to attend the High Sierra Fly-in in Nevada. Join them as they make their journey from Cold Springs, Kentucky to Dead Cow Lakebed in Western Nevada. In part two, strap in for STOL Drag racing as the crew takes in National Championship racing

Watch Episode 1 here



#3: B-24 Bomber Ride

Four months prior to the passing of his grandmother, Flight Outfitters founder Mark Glassmeyer booked a flight with his mother in one of the last (if not the last) flying B-24s in the USA.


Top 3 Stories

#1: The Pilot Your Own Adventure Contest grand prize winner: A Taperwing’s Tapestry

As a middle school teacher, when I introduce myself to my students, I always tell them that I grew up at the airport. The questionable looks and glances always lead to my explanation of just how much an airplane can be a part of a family…

Read full story here



#2: Flight Outfitters goes to the High Sierra Fly-In

High Sierra at sunrise

As we set off for the High Sierra Fly-In, the Flight Outfitters camper in tow, I couldn’t help but think of Lewis and Clark. It felt like we too were on an expedition into the unknown. Obviously the stakes weren’t quite as high as in 1804…

Read full story here



#3: Join Mark Glassmeyer (founder) on the Pilot’s Discretion Podcast

Aviation families and rusty pilot dreams, with Flight Outfitters’ Mark Glassmeyer. Our very own Mark Glassmeyer sat down with the John Zimmerman from Sporty’s on the Pilot’s Discretion Podcast. Learn about his simple plan for his student…

Listen here



Top 3 new products

#1: Airfoil Jacket

The Flight Outfitters Airfoil jacket keeps you warm without the bulk. Engineered for comfort in cooler conditions, it’s the packable adventure layer you’ve been searching for. Weighing in at under two pounds, the jacket is lighter than most sweatshirts but is rugged enough for your next backwoods mission. It’s insulated and quilted for extra comfort, and features a water-repellent coating that shrugs off light rain and snow. This versatile jacket can be worn with inner or outer layers and combines classic aesthetics with technical features. The Airfoil jacket is designed to pack down into its own pocket when not in use, making it your go-anywhere layer.

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#2: New T-shirts

Our new Signature T-shirts come in new designs and multiple color options. Features comfortable ring-spun, super soft cotton. Look good in the cockpit or around the airport in these aviation themed t-shirts.

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#3: Centerline Kneeboard


When it comes to designing the perfect kneeboard, there is no better focus group than our amazing customers, so the new Centerline Kneeboard incorporates improvements suggested through our product PIREP program. Our best selling kneeboards continue to get even better.

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