Pilot’s Discretion Podcast with Flight Outfitters’ Mark Glassmeyer


Aviation families and rusty pilot dreams, with Flight Outfitters’ Mark Glassmeyer.

Our very own Mark Glassmeyer sat down with the John Zimmerman from Sporty’s on the Pilot’s Discretion Podcast. Learn about his simple plan for his student pilot son: “We’re gonna talk about aviation for the rest of our lives.” He understands the power of these multi-generational connections because his grandfather, a B-24 pilot in World War II, first introduced him to aviation at age 7 with a trip to Oshkosh. But even with that memorable start and some lessons as a teenager, it would take more than 25 years for him to actually earn his license. In this episode, he explains why shaking the rusty pilot label meant he had to get a little selfish and take control of his life. Other topics include: why aviation can look surprisingly affordable compared to youth sports, how being a pilot helped him overcome a learning disability, and why Flight Outfitters’ tagline is “pilot your own adventure.”


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  1. Tucker Axum
    Tucker Axum says:

    Great interview! So many neat nuggets, like your grandpa’s flight over the Golden Gate Bridge, how you compared football to life, the quote from the Navy SEALS (“Die first, then quit.”), Iron Eagle vs Top Gun, Oshkosh being like a family reunion where “your friends are your heroes.”

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