Flight Outfitters, creators of rugged, feature-rich gear for pilots, has launched a new video series to complement the company tagline: Pilot Your Own Adventure.

The first video in the series captures the adventure of flying in and around Valdez, Alaska, as part of the Valdez Fly-in, which is billed as Alaska’s premier bush flying event. Now in its 15th year, the Valdez Fly-in is best known for its STOL precision flying contests. The Valdez video may be viewed here:


“Most of us learned to fly for the adventure airplanes promised us,” said Flight Outfitters President Mark Glassmeyer. “It’s easy to forget that promise of adventure with our busy lives, so Flight Outfitters has made as its mission to celebrate the adventurous spirit in all pilots.”

Flying around Valdez is not everyone’s idea of adventure, however. If rocky coasts, mountainous terrain and icy water isn’t for you, Flight Outfitters wants to hear what your own flying adventure is. Whether flying takes you to an island airport only accessible by general aviation or to a back-country strip to fly fish or simply gets you to the ski slope faster, Flight Outfitters wants to document and share your own particular adventure. Even if your idea of an adventure is a Saturday trip with buddies for a $100 hamburger, share it with Flight Outfitters by using #PilotYourOwnAdventure on social media. You can also share your adventures with Flight Outfitters on the “Contact Us” page of the company website at http://www.flightoutfitters.com/contact-us.

“We often hear about pilots losing their interest in flying for fun,” adds Glassmeyer “so we want to remind pilots that your pilot certificate is a ticket to adventure.”

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