What is STOL drag?

What is STOL drag?

STOL Drag Landing and Take-Off Events take a traditional STOL (Short TakeOff / Landing) competition to the next level. It is extremely spectator friendly and it challenges the pilots like never before. Pilots fly straight 2000′ down and back in a side by side format. The event brings out the emotions of the pilots and spectators alike creating an exhilarating spectacle to watch. With smoke and/or dust depending on the venue, you have an eye-catching event leaving you with an overwhelming feeling of “That was awesome! Wow!” Competitors are well versed in Power and Energy management along with spot landing precision and overall peripheral awareness.

Event Requirements

  • Current Airworthiness Certificate
  • Current Federal Registration Certificate
  • Aircraft Operating Limitations (i.e. POH/AFM)
  • Current Inspections
  • — Annual/100 Hour/Progressive/Condition
  • — 91.413 – Transponder, If installed
  • — 91.207 – ELT
  • — 91.417 – Recurring AD Status, If applicable
  • Experimental Paperwork/Documentation, As Required
  • Parachutist A/C Modification Paperwork, If Applicable
  • Emergency Parachute Inspection Card, If Applicable

Document Requirements

  • Pilot Certificate (Private Level or Higher)
  • — Certificate Type and Number
  • Medical Certificate:
  • — Class and Expiration
  • Current/Valid Govt. Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Current Flight Review in Logbook:
  • — Date Received
  • Logbook Tailwheel Endorsement, If Required:
  • — Date Received
  • Participation in PRS or STOL Drag School hosted by STOL Drag Events, LLC
  • STOL Drag Required Minimum Hours:
  • — 250 hours PIC in Single-Engine Land Airplane
  • — 150 hours in Tailwheel Aircraft

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